Wow! My Kid Really Knows the Latest Technology….

Many parents see their children texting and gaming and think, “Wow, my kid really knows the latest technology!”.  But do they?  Watch over them when they are trying to type their homework….  or input information into the computer.   Can they proficiently type at least 35 words per minute?  Can they type without looking at their fingers or the keyboard?

MANY schools have adapted the Common Core Standards.  Each student is expected to take the test online which means they will be using the keyboard to type their answers!  The stress of not only the testing BUT their inefficiency working the keyboard can negatively impact your child’s performance as well as cause them to lose their confidence in their abilities!

What’s a parent to do? Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself!

1. Does your child use one or two fingers to type?
2. Do they constantly lose their place because they are looking at   their fingers instead of the screen?
3. Do they get frustrated at the length of time it takes to do their homework?
4. Do they have melt downs and ask you to type their work for them? typing 2

The simple answer is to be sure your child learns how to type BEFORE all this frustration sets in. I have been teaching students how to type for the past 18 years. Typing truly works like magic once a student trusts their fingers and starts using the keyboard with expertise and confidence.

Go to to learn how they can become proficient typists within 4 months. Guaranteed!

Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom.  Please contact her at

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