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A-ha Moments…that’s what a teacher lives for. That moment of sudden realization in a student who has finally ‘gotten it’.  When the recognition of a student’s success causes their face to light up and a smile to form across their face.


Recently, I heard from a father who said,  “you don’t know me, but I have to say how impressive your method is! My late Asperger’s son was also so frustrated with the pen/pencil, but flourished on a keyboard.  Keep up the good work”.

I wanted to know more about his son and asked for a bit more information on his success story.  These are some of the comments:

“My son Ryan, who with Asperger’s Syndrome and legally blind, had some real challenges in being able to keep up with mainstream class work, especially in regards to getting his assignments turned in on time and legible….

After several I.E.P.’s, it was decided that he should try taking his notes and completing his assignments by computer, since Ryan was somewhat proficient on the computer already since he used one at home. After only a short period of time of a little coaching on typing skills, Ryan found that he would be able to keep up with note taking in class just as fast as any of his classmates. He got to the point where he learned the keyboard so well, that he rarely had to look at it. Not only was he able to keep accurate notes from class, but he was able to get his homework done faster too, which made him happy since that gave him more time to use his computer for the things that he loved, which was anything and everything music.

… In Ryan’s case, using a keyboard instead of a pencil in class was a true blessing for him and his teachers who had to read over the assignments

So educators, when the school week is over and your weekend starts to kick in, take a moment to reflect on those A-Ha Moments of your students!  For me, those moments are what inspires me to continue to be the best teacher I can be!



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