You Need to Type to Tell the Computer What You Want

There is nothing magical about Touch-Typing.  Here’s how it works.

Instead of watching the keyboard as you type, you watch the screen, and you type without looking.  You simply learn the position of each key on the keyboard, and through practice your fingers develop muscle memory and NOW you will always know where the keys are …without looking!

Once the process becomes automatic you only have to think of a word for it to appear on the screen. I find it a very enjoyable way to work, because it’s less tiring, and you don’t have to keep shifting your eyes from keyboard to screen.

Here are some amazing benefits to typing:

  • Because you’re watching the screen as you type, you can instantly spot any typing errors and correct them straightaway.

  • Touch-typing helps free your mind from the mechanics of what you’re doing, helping you to focus on the task in hand.

  •  Nowadays we spend more and more time on the computer. We use computers to communicate with our friends, create new documents, and find information. We spend an increasing amount of our time with the computer. And despite the rise of other ways of interaction (like speech recognition), the main way of interacting with the computer is still typing. You need to type to tell the computer what you want.

How to learn:

There’s only one way to learn how to type.  You need  to commit yourself to learning “how” to type properly.  You need to “invest” your time.  Then you need to choose a proven, successful how-to-type program and start “practicing!”

I strongly recommend buying Keyboard Classroom ( to help you learn.

  • —Keyboard Classroom was developed by educators for children ages 8 and up.

  • —It uses a back-to-basics approach to teaching using 1:00 exercises called “fluencies” to develop muscle memory.

  • —The program prevents students from advancing too quickly by requiring them to demonstrate proficiency at each level of learning.

  • —It does not use games as teaching tools but as rewards for achievement.

  • —Patent-pending FINGER GUIDES are provided free with the software, assuring proper finger placement and “home-row proficiency.”

Overall, if you want to increase your productivity and have more success, then learn to type properly…NOW!


Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom, a unique, “fluency-based” learn-to-type curriculum (   She can be reached by email,


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