The Reason your Student is NOW Smiling!

As parents it’s so hard to peek into a room and see your child struggling with their homework!  We know something has to be done to relieve some of this pressure on our child but where do we turn?

My first suggestion would be to look for an ‘intervention’  as soon as possible!  To be clear, an Intervention is a planned set of procedures that are aimed at teaching a specific skill to a student.  It’s more than a single lesson and less than an entire curriculum.

Deciding what intervention option to use should not be made lightly. It will take much contemplation on what is the best for your child, what your finances will allow, and if you are willing to carry through with any of these choices.

As a parent I did two things that made a big difference to my child.  First I looked into getting him an IEP.  “No matter what grade your student is in, how old they are, what gender they are, where they live or what type of school they attend, if you suspect that your student’s academic struggles are related to difficulty in reading and writing, you have the right to request to have him or her assessed (in writing.)  You may then have an Independent Education Plan (IEP) for your child.  Once the IEP is written, you do not have to sign the IEP at all. If you disagree with the services offered, the goals, the accommodations or any other part of the IEP, you have the right to say no thank you. You then have the right to either, file Due Process, hire or consult an advocate, pull your child out of that school or say to heck with this whole thing and get private tutoring. Whatever you decide, you drive the bus.   Remember,  NO one knows your student better than you!” ( Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D.)

Second, I looked for a solution that he could start on ASAP.   The Good News is that there are some simple solutions that can be used to get your student back on track with their academic success thereby reducing some of their frustration and anxiety!

For me it was teaching him to type.  He always had a hard time when it came to holding the pencil and learning how to write.  I could see his brain slow down when he tried to write a paragraph.  It was very obvious that he would be better off learning how to type so he could use keyboarding to take notes, write papers and work on the computer in general.

I put my educators hat on and used a program that our educators at The Learning Incentive in CT developed over 23 years ago. It’s called Keyboard Classroom.   It was simple and to the point!  He learned how to type within 4 months and has been more successful at writing now more than ever!Successful_typing_Slide3

It’s a quick and simple solution….it partnered with the other interventions we came up with and now he’s a college student typing happily away with a SMILE on his face!


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