Keyboard Classroom has helped thousands of children learn to type. Any student, including those with learning disabilities, can use Keyboard Classroom to learn proper methods of typing that are invaluable for school and for the rest of their lives.

See what students, parents, teachers and homeschoolers are saying about Keyboard Classroom:

“My daughter enjoys it so much that I find her doing it ‘for fun.’ In the process, she’s learning to type.”

Michelle from "the Holistic Homeschooler"

“He quickly is building confidence and a desire to improve his own skills.”

Renee from "Great Peace Academy"

“This keyboard program is the best I’ve seen in nearly thirty years as a special education teacher. The practice exercises in content and in form, virtually guarantee the student will experience success. Most of my students eagerly work on their “menu” each day.”

Susan S. - Special Education Teacher

“My younger son was receiving occupational therapy to help with fine motor skills and although typing was being taught in school he had made little progress. Within two weeks of using the program William was beaming when showing his new found skill. The occupational therapist was so amazed at his progress that she called me at home. Now three months into the program he is gaining confidence every day and sees the keyboard as a way to communicate his thoughts in writing.”

Jane S. – Parent

I’m surprised at how quickly Jenny has learned to type with the finger guides (they really work!) and that she is still wanting to “do keyboarding” several days later – the incentives are keeping her coming back for more!”

Review from "Life by Ashley Pichea"

“I really liked the prompts in each exercise, which tell the students exactly how many times they must complete the exercise in order to achieve a new rank. It’s a great way to motivate!”

Homeschool Parent from “Look! We’re Learning!"