Teacher Conferences will be here before you know it!

I can hear it now….why isn’t ‘Johnny’ progressing in his work?  Why can’t he take good notes?  Why can’t he keep up in class?

Well, you are not alone if you hear those words!  As parents, we go into overdrive to solve these problems.  We don’t like to see our kids struggling.  We see that look of defeat on their faces and it drains us-we hate to hear them say, “I’m just not smart”!

There are many answers for those questions.  I can help in the written communication aspect of learning.  Writing is an important skill for ALL students.  However, some students find writing extremely difficult to learn and to master.  As the Director of an educational program at the Ben Bronz Academy in Ct. I worked with many students who had a hard time manipulating a pencil/pen.  We introduced them to Keyboard Classroom, a typing program that was developed at the school by the teachers.  The results have been tremendous.

As we now know, keyboarding is a life-long skill.  It has evolved from a “transcription” typing skill to a “generative” typing skill involving composing original thought at the keyboard.  Student writing develops faster through word processing because it facilitates the review and revision learning process.  Efficient keyboarding skills allow students to emphasize concept development instead of focusing on key location.

Mastering keyboarding involves learning technique, ergonomics and key location.  While there are hundreds of typing programs out there, Keyboard Classroom uses a unique combination of repetition, muscle building exercises and exclusive patented Finger Guides to teach students how to efficiently type within 6 months!

Keyboarding curriculum should be mandatory in schools but I have found that most schools only find one period a week for typing class.  Obviously we all know that to build any skill you need repeated practice every day.  You need to learn the skill within a short period of time so as to not lose concentration in it.  You need to see and feel progress in order to feel confident about the skill you are learning.  You then need to master the skill and apply it to everyday life!  This is where Keyboard Classroom excels!

So parents, it’s up to you to buy a typing program to be used at home. Compare Keyboard Classroom to the other typing programs out there.  Read our reviews and watch the short informative videos of our student’s progress.    Then go to www.keyboardclassroom.com where I will offer you a 15% discount off the cost of our program.  Just type in ‘teacher’ in the checkout screen!

Make these teacher conferences different than last years!

Carrie Shaw is the President of Keyboard Classroom.  She is proud to say that she has helped thousands of students unleash their inner brillance!

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