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Homeschool Reviews

I want to take the time to thank each and every homeschool mom who wrote a review for Keyboard Classroom this summer!  I know you are all extremely busy and I appreciate the time you put into understanding the uniqueness of Keyboard Classroom! Developer Dr. Ian Spence was the Headmaster of a school for learning disabled students when he created Keyboard Classroom.  He understood that handwriting imposed significant cognitive load on many students with or without learning disabilities.  Handwriting for some was painfully produced and frequently illegible.  After using this newly developed typing curriculum the school found  that students who learned how to type were able to generate more written output, make more meaningful revisions in drafts and make fewer spelling errors. This allowed the students to be more creative in their written work. When marketing this product I became … Read More

Why Fluencies?

There have been a lot of articles written recently about the “Fluency” approach to teaching. Some criticize it, calling it robotic… that learning by rote or memorization isn’t really learning. We beg to differ. You become fluent in something when you can do it almost subconsciously, that is, you don’t have to think about it. Educational experts have shown that when a student expends energy trying to decode words or sentences, he or she has difficulty with comprehension. Likewise, a child who cannot form or locate the letters on a keyboard will find composition almost impossible. Typing skills are complex tasks but when broken down into sub-skills as we do with Keyboard Classroom, a learning disabled child can advance quickly. Once a sub-skill is mastered, the student moves up a level and is introduced to the next one, while practicing … Read More

Dyslexia and Keyboarding

Stefan is an incredible 12 year old who’s intellect far surpasses his age. He has dyslexia BUT when he learned to type at a computer keyboard using Keyboard Classroom, he found his learning disorder went away. He no longer mixed up his B’s and D’s and P’s and Q’s. The keyboard wouldn’t let him. His Mom says it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and that once he receives an AlphaSmart for note taking in school, he’ll have no problems keeping up with his classmates. Richard Wanderman is an adult with Dyslexia who has helped himself and others by using the computer instead of a pen or pencil. He tours the country explaining why it works. “Writing with pen and ink is like sculpting stone: mistakes are costly, and that knowledge feeds back into the composition process. … Read More