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An Announcement from my Soapbox

When we say that Keyboard Classroom is the fastest growing learn-to-type program in America, we’re not kidding.  The learning disabled community has embraced us and most recently, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in interest from parents who home school their children. Home School families require curricula that can capture a child’s attention, provide a benefit across a variety of subject areas, and do so at an affordable price.  As we’ve traveled to Home School conventions, we hear the same comments over and over again.  “There are so many great software products on the market today,” said one mother of four.  “But the software doesn’t do much good if they can’t type!” Parents have embraced Keyboard Classroom’s back-to-basics approach to learning to type.  They like that the program is structured, guaranteeing that a child must master a skill before moving on … Read More

Out with the Old… In with the New!

“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.” John D. Rockefeller Doesn’t that say it all!  My new mission is to get schools to throw out their ‘old school mentality’ and embrace the new ways of doing things.  Students have a different mentality towards learning because of the way they were brought up with technology.  Their brains work faster, their learning style is quicker and they expect to multitask as they are learning. As Alan Cohen says: “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” … Read More

You Need to Type to Tell the Computer What You Want

There is nothing magical about Touch-Typing.  Here’s how it works. Instead of watching the keyboard as you type, you watch the screen, and you type without looking.  You simply learn the position of each key on the keyboard, and through practice your fingers develop muscle memory and NOW you will always know where the keys are …without looking! Once the process becomes automatic you only have to think of a word for it to appear on the screen. I find it a very enjoyable way to work, because it’s less tiring, and you don’t have to keep shifting your eyes from keyboard to screen. Here are some amazing benefits to typing: Because you’re watching the screen as you type, you can instantly spot any typing errors and correct them straightaway. Touch-typing helps free your mind from the mechanics of what you’re … Read More

What Students are Thinking!

As an educator, did you ever sit back before your first class began and think “What do the STUDENTS WANT to learn today?”   http://mrpullen.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/what-do-the-kids-want-to-learn/    

Waiting for that first Teacher Conference

I can hear it now….why isn’t ‘Johnny’ progressing in his work?  Why can’t he take good notes?  Why can’t he keep up in class? There are many answers for those questions.  I can help in the note-taking aspect of learning.  As the Director of an educational program at the Ben Bronz Academy in Ct. I worked with many students who had a hard time manipulating a pencil/pen.  We introduced them to Keyboard Classroom, a typing program that was developed at the school by the teachers.  The results have been tremendous. As we now know, keyboarding is a life-long skill.  It has evolved from a “transcription” typing skill to a “generative” typing skill involving composing original thought at the keyboard.  Student writing develops faster through word processing because it facilitates the review and revision learning process.  Efficient keyboarding skills allow students … Read More

Old dog, new tricks

Michelle is a homeschool mom and blogger from Tampa who wrote a review about Keyboard Classroom.  I would like to share it with you! “ I am old enough that when I was in high school, there was a class called “Typing.”  There were mostly girls in this class.  And it was, in my teenaged, not-very-humble opinion, a class for those whose highest aspirations involved working for the CEO, not being the CEO.  My guidance counselor suggested this class when I had a free period and did not want a study hall (another completely useless thing, in my thoughts) but I turned my nose up at the idea. So, I hunted and pecked my way, on a word processor machine, through my upper class research papers and graduated with a diploma that reflected higher learning, not secretarial training. Even in … Read More

HERD’s (Home Educators Resource Directory) Review of Keyboard Classroom

The Keyboard Classroom, from Keyboarding4kids LLC, is an effective software tool used to instruct the user in keyboarding by memory. The basic principle used is muscle memory in conjunction with mental memory. The program is extremely user friendly, and draws the interest of children by using games as a reward to fulfilling the repetitive exercises required to master keyboarding. This program is excellent for instruction children of all ages. The program is accompanied by “Finger Guides” to aide in muscle memory. I would recommend this to children of seven and up. “Keyboard Classroom teaches typing skills in fast in one-minute sprints, quickly developing speed and accuracy. It’s especially effective for a child with a learning disability with special education needs like those with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Asperger Syndrome, and some other forms of Autism. When these … Read More

Would You Give A Child A Book And Never Teach Them To Read?

I ask myself this question every time I see a young person sitting in front of a keyboard. I’m not talking about an i-Pad or a cell phone where their thumbs do their talking, but an honest to goodness computer keyboard. It’s what they’ll use to do their homework, fill out those college applications, and most likely, make their living in the real world. I stand over their shoulder and watch… and shudder. More than 75% of our children can’t type. Oh, they can hunt and peck, and some of them are pretty fast. But put a book or a pile of notes next to the computer, ask them to type without looking at the keys, and they’ll crumble like a wounded video game character. So I ask the question again…. If you wouldn’t give a child a book without … Read More

Looking Forward to Another HomeSchool Convention Year!

Summer is on the downswing and I am gearing up towards another great school year.  My experiences at the HomeSchool Conventions this past year rejuvenated me!  We  received the warmest of welcomes. While Keyboard Classroom was designed for children to learn typing in a home environment, we’ve always said that the key to long term success is the involvement of a parent.  Mom or Dad should act as a coach, insuring proper finger placement and practice at first, then encouraging success as the child advances.  HomeSchool parents do this anyway. At these conventions, I repeatedly demonstrated the software, using dozens of children who had either never typed before, or who had long ago given up on the more “popular” learn to type programs on the market.  Without exception, they took to Keyboard Classroom immediately, passing levels and having their fingers … Read More

Homeschool Reviews

I want to take the time to thank each and every homeschool mom who wrote a review for Keyboard Classroom this summer!  I know you are all extremely busy and I appreciate the time you put into understanding the uniqueness of Keyboard Classroom! Developer Dr. Ian Spence was the Headmaster of a school for learning disabled students when he created Keyboard Classroom.  He understood that handwriting imposed significant cognitive load on many students with or without learning disabilities.  Handwriting for some was painfully produced and frequently illegible.  After using this newly developed typing curriculum the school found  that students who learned how to type were able to generate more written output, make more meaningful revisions in drafts and make fewer spelling errors. This allowed the students to be more creative in their written work. When marketing this product I became … Read More