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An Announcement from my Soapbox

When we say that Keyboard Classroom is the fastest growing learn-to-type program in America, we’re not kidding.  The learning disabled community has embraced us and most recently, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in interest from parents who home school their children. Home School families require curricula that can capture a child’s attention, provide a benefit across a variety of subject areas, and do so at an affordable price.  As we’ve traveled to Home School conventions, we hear the same comments over and over again.  “There are so many great software products on the market today,” said one mother of four.  “But the software doesn’t do much good if they can’t type!” Parents have embraced Keyboard Classroom’s back-to-basics approach to learning to type.  They like that the program is structured, guaranteeing that a child must master a skill before moving on … Read More

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Learn to type | Learning to type | Typing for kids | Children’s typing Learn to type with the fun and practical program from Keyboard Classroom. Learning to type is the main focus of Keyboard Classroom. Keyboard Classroom teaches typing skills in fast in one-minute sprints, quickly developing speed and accuracy. It’s especially effective for kids with learning disabilities and special education needs like those with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Asperger Syndrome, and some other forms of Autism. When these children can learn to type fast without thinking about where their fingers are, they can concentrate on the words they will use to express their thoughts. It’s a life-long learning skill which is vital for children. Keyboard Classroom is a great way to build children’s typing skills. The skills taught in Keyboard Classroom teach important skills through … Read More