Finger Guides For Schools

Sometimes the best inventions are the most simple and straightforward. Teaching a student how to type, teaching anyone how to type, can be only as effective as their motivation!

Keyboard Classroom has developed a unique product called Finger Guides. These Guides attach to a standard computer keyboard with Velcro pads and guide a student’s fingers to the correct keys, allowing them to learn touch-typing without incorrect, error-prone moves. Learners want to look at their fingers. It’s only natural! But we wanted a way to insure that they would also use the proper finger placement and not resort to hunting and pecking with their index fingers.

So we invented these simple plastic Finger Guides. You attach them to a standardized keyboard *, placing them diagonally between the “W” and the “E” on the left side, and the “I” and the “O” on the right. By placing the middle and ring fingers on either side of each guide, hands are guaranteed to stay in the correct position.
It’s just that simple.

School discounts apply. Please contact me at for pricing.
* Our Finger Guides fit on most standardized keyboards. The keyboards must have a lip above the top and bottom row in order for the Velcro to attach itself to the board.