An Announcement from my Soapbox

When we say that Keyboard Classroom is the fastest growing learn-to-type program in America, we’re not kidding.  The learning disabled community has embraced us and most recently, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in interest from parents who home school their children.Typing_Child

Home School families require curricula that can capture a child’s attention, provide a benefit across a variety of subject areas, and do so at an affordable price.  As we’ve traveled to Home School conventions, we hear the same comments over and over again.  “There are so many great software products on the market today,” said one mother of four.  “But the software doesn’t do much good if they can’t type!”

Parents have embraced Keyboard Classroom’s back-to-basics approach to learning to type.  They like that the program is structured, guaranteeing that a child must master a skill before moving on to something more complicated.  And they marvel at the simplicity but amazing functionality of our unique finger guides that keep a child’s hands in proper touch typing position.

As I stand on my soapbox, my passion is to give students the tools to unleash their creativity, to remove the educational roadblocks that were put unknowingly in their path by ‘center of the road’ teaching techniques!  If we continue to put computers in front of our students then let us, at least, teach them the basic tool skills they need in order to successfully use them.

Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom.  She can be reached at


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2 Responses to An Announcement from my Soapbox

  1. jennifer a says:

    What a great program for kids. I love that you can do multiple students at the same time.

  2. Julie K. says:

    Agreed! And I like how your program is also for younger students.

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