While shopping the other day I noticed something happening over and over again.  As I was at the checkout counter I noticed how the sales associates typed.  Some were hunting and pecking….and taking forever to get the basic information into the machine.  Others were fast and smooth!  I decided to mention to each associate that I teach typing.  Well the responses were interesting.  Those that hunt and peck said they always wanted to learn typing but never did in school.  They said it’s a skill they use everyday and were surprised that they weren’t taught in school.  The proficient typist said they took one class in high school and were thankful they could always depend on it!

Which is exactly why I market Keyboard Classroom….we went back to the basics while developing this curriculum.  We saw the typing programs on the market and realized they lacked what was needed in order to teach a skill to mastery.  We call Keyboard Classroom the ‘once and for all’ typing program.  Because you only need to teach it once!  As you move throughout the levels your fingers are actually developing muscle memory.  This is the exact skill needed to learn keyboarding…ONCE AND FOR ALL!

So, all of you out there who regrets not taking a typing program, remember to put it on THE LIST when talking to your kids teacher, or your afterschool program, or your HomeSchool group!

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