Looking Forward to Another HomeSchool Convention Year!

Summer is on the downswing and I am gearing up towards another great school year.  My experiences at the HomeSchool Conventions this past year rejuvenated me!  We  received the warmest of welcomes.

While Keyboard Classroom was designed for children to learn typing in a home environment, we’ve always said that the key to long term success is the involvement of a parent.  Mom or Dad should act as a coach, insuring proper finger placement and practice at first, then encouraging success as the child advances.  HomeSchool parents do this anyway.

At these conventions, I repeatedly demonstrated the software, using dozens of children who had either never typed before, or who had long ago given up on the more “popular” learn to type programs on the market.  Without exception, they took to Keyboard Classroom immediately, passing levels and having their fingers dance across the keyboard in astounding fashion.  Parents were amazed and we were thrilled with the response.

My main goal this year is to make more parents/teachers aware of how important the skill of typing is to students.  Composing essays become easier, thoughts and ideas flow endlessly, corrections are simple, writing tasks are done quicker!  It’s a skill they will use throughout their whole life!

For those of you who have been the wind beneath my “sales” I thank you for getting the word out about Keyboard Classroom!

We’ll be ratcheting up our appearances at HomeSchool conventions around the country.  Keep an eye out.


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