Keyboard Classroom’s curriculum works one on one with the student

When we launched Keyboard Classroom nearly four years ago, it was after testing the product in a classroom environment for over a decade.  Parents of children with and without learning disabilities embraced it as a way to complement what their children were doing in school.  Now it appears, educators have caught on as well.

A three year old school in North Carolina recently created a new typing curriculum completely around Keyboard Classroom.  The school, built on a philosophy of inclusion, brings children with special needs, children with average abilities, and children who are academically gifted, together in a friendly and charitable environment.

One of the school’s teachers wrote to us.  “I was drawn to your program because of its specialization for helping children with special needs. We have children with ADD, Dyslexia and serious handwriting difficulties.  We understand that in developing their typing skills, we are also developing their writing skills.

Keyboard Classroom’s curriculum works one on one with the student.  The student needs to master the skill he/she is working on before the program lets them move on to the next skill.  This is what makes this program perfect for a school.  The teacher doesn’t need to do the teaching, the program does!  And once the student finishes the program the teacher just erases the data and starts a new student on it!

I am available for consultation if you think this is something that your school system wants to have for their students.  Please contact me at

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