Keyboard Classroom is ready for you!

Keyboard Classroom teaches typing skills in fast in one-minute sprints, quickly
developing speed and accuracy. As I said in my previous post, when a child with
a learning disability like Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD,
, Asperger Syndrome or other forms of Autism, can
type fast without thinking about where their fingers are, they can concentrate
on the words they will use to express their thoughts. It’s a life-long learning

There are five fluencies in the Keyboard
learning system. Each is designed for students to master certain
sub-skills before advancing to the next level of difficulty. As they advance,
they earn points, “redeemable” for playing a series of games built into the
program as incentives.

To guarantee success, parents act as
coaches, ensuring that children practice their fluencies every day, using our
patented finger guides to place their hands in proper keyboarding position.

With a dedicated commitment by the
student and parent/coach, our studies show the average student can become a
basic touch typist in just 6 months, practicing just 15 minutes a day! It
really works.

For the past 24 years we’ve been
watching kids use the original software developed at the Ben Bronz Academy  and it is amazing to see their progress. And
best of all, they love doing their fluencies. Passing levels of difficulty is
like a badge of honor, and they wear it proudly. I can’t wait for everyone to
see our product!

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