Why Do You Need Keyboarding Skills?

“Since personal computers were widely introduced in the early 1980’s, more and more jobs have required keyboarding skills. Fortunately, the keys on a keyboard are similar to those on a typewriter and most people made a quick transition to keyboarding. Today, any job that requires the use of a computer also requires keyboarding skills, especially for the facilitation, storage and accuracy of work.” Rick Suttle

Here are a list of jobs that require keyboarding skills:

  • Marketing Research Manager: This position require keyboarding skills to design questions, work with databases, use various statistical models, write reports and develop presentation pieces.
  • Data Entry and Processing: type information into computers.
  • Receptionist: This position┬áneeds keyboarding skills to reference client lists or patients when they come in for a visit.
  • Engineer: All engineers need basic keyboarding skills to work with CAD (computer-assisted design) and CAM (computer-assisted mechanics) software programs.
  • Teacher: Teachers are required to have keyboarding skills to maintain records of students and their grades each quarter or semester.
  • Writer: This position requires good writing and grammar skills, the ability to meet deadlines and to work independently.
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacist requires keyboarding skills so this professional can enter prescriptions for patients, look up their health care information or search for information about drugs online.
  • Human Resources Assistant: Human resources assistants use computers to manage a lot of data that involves employees and their benefits.
  • Customer Service: These employees require a computer to quickly find the relevant information for customers, whether that information is a general query about the company in question, or something more detailed like the status of a customer’s account.
  • Video Game Developer:┬áComputers are used in creating the graphics for the game and in just about every single activity from the beginning to when the game is launched.

Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom.



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