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I want to take the time to thank each and every homeschool mom who wrote a review for Keyboard Classroom this summer!  I know you are all extremely busy and I appreciate the time you put into understanding the uniqueness of Keyboard Classroom!

Developer Dr. Ian Spence was the Headmaster of a school for learning disabled students when he created Keyboard Classroom.  He understood that handwriting imposed significant cognitive load on many students with or without learning disabilities.  Handwriting for some was painfully produced and frequently illegible.  After using this newly developed typing curriculum the school found  that students who learned how to type were able to generate more written output, make more meaningful revisions in drafts and make fewer spelling errors. This allowed the students to be more creative in their written work.

When marketing this product I became instantly aware that Homeschoolers had an upperhand when introducing their children to typing.  When creating their school year curriculum they were able to put aside a 15 minute block of time DAILY to introduce and to practice this new skill.  They understood that consistency is the key to developing and finally mastering a skill.  I have had tremendous feedback at how well these students progressed on learning how to touch type!

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