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While there are many homeschool typing instruction options available, some are helpful and some are not. We have tried various free and paid programs both online and offline. One program that we have been using this year is called Keyboard Classroom and we really like it!


Keyboard Classroom was developed by teachers over 23 years ago. Homeschool parents have endorsed this product saying it is the only typing program that works with their children. The problem with most homeschool typing programs is that unless you are sitting right with your child, you can’t be sure that they are hitting the right keys with the right fingers at the right time. My older children learned to type but they don’t put their fingers on the right keys like I do because they were not watched closely enough (my fault). Who wants to sit and hover over their children for every typing lesson though? That’s where the unique finger guides that Keyboard Classroom offers come in very handy. These attach right to your keyboard with velcro strips to keep your child’s hands in the right spots for the right keys.

This homeschool typing program works much the same way that an athlete would train. It trains the finger muscles to work most efficiently so that they can develop speed and fluency in their typing. Students type a series of words while being timed. The one minute fluency exercises are just long enough to work those muscles but not too long to frustrate the student. As they get better and better they can move up in the levels. Students earn tokens for passing levels and they can then redeem those tokens to play games within the system. They also earn rankings as they get better and better in their typing skills. There are stretching activities that help you students stretch their fingers from the home row and back to the home row again (a very important step).

This program is even known for helping students with learning disabilities to be able to learn how to type. “Keyboard Classroom is believed to be the first to be designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by children with learning disabilities.”

They say that with just 15 minutes a day of practice, your child can begin to see some fluency in their typing skills in 6-10 months. Learning to type takes time and 15 minutes a day is easy to accomplish. They have a systematic approach where the student needs to master what they have learned before they can move on in the program.

You can purchase one or any number of licenses for this program. If you have one student learning how to type, you can order the CD for just $39.95.  The video on their website is very helpful.  This is a great homeschool typing program that we have enjoyed using and that we feel is helping develop better fluency than any other program we have used. Check out Keyboard Classroom and see if you don’t have the same results we are having.

The president of the company has offered to give my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is enter “words” in the discount code box on the order page at Keyboard Classroom and the 10% will automatically come off the price.

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