Here Come the Calls

Well, it’s been 1 month and 3 weeks since school has started.  Then it hits….the emails start and the phone rings.  Here is what I hear from parents.

“My kid takes forever to do his homework.  It is causing so much tension!”

“HE gets so frustrated when he has to write an essay or do anything on the computer.”

“I am so tired staying up until 1:00am typing his homework!”

I am sure it sounds familiar to some of you.

I have been working with a unique typing program called Keyboard Classroom that will end this nightmare for both the kids and for you.

Computers are a way of life!  Just look at what Steve Jobs has done in his short career!  Keyboarding is a fundamental skill in today’s society. It provides our connection with the rest of the world through electronic communication.  Students who become efficient keyboarders “compose better, are prouder of their work, produce documents with a neater appearance and have better motivation”.

Please take a look at our website,

Learn how typing can help all students, with or without learning disabilities!

I would be happy to answer any of your questions about this life skill.


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