Handwriting vs. Keyboarding–from a Student’s Perspective

Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-8 technology for 15 years.

keyboardingEvery year, she has her 4th grade students compare handwriting speed to keyboarding speed.  Here are some of the results from the students who thought keyboarding was more useful than handwriting.

  • Can lose your paper
  • pencils break, erasers disappear, points get dull. Then, I have to take time to get a replacement. Never happens with a keyboard.
  • hand never gets tired
  • eyes must constantly move from sheet to pencil. Once I’ve memorized the keys, I don’t have to do that anymore
  • you can only get so fast at handwriting–say, 45 wpm. Most students will exceed that speed with typing. Lots of people type 65 wpm. I type 120 (well, not anymore because of my arthritis). In the big picture, the average student will never handwrite as fast as keyboard
  • Erasing is easier
  • Spell check is easier
  • You get better at it because it crosses over into other uses
  • Counts words for you
  • Adjust font sizes to fit in smaller spaces
  • Always legible
  • Quick formatting to make thoughts stand out
  • Grammar details are easier
  • Shortcuts in keyboarding
  • Don’t waste paper

I understand how important cursive is to learn in our schools, but I have personally seen the educational outcome when a student also learns how to proficiently type by 4th grade.  Their communication skills excel and their self expression and confidence increases.

Choose a typing program wisely.  You want the student to practice daily and learn how to type within 4-6 months.  Remember, “you get what you pay for”….LIKE I said, “Choose wisely”!

For more information on Keyboard Classroom, please go to www.KeyboardClassroom.com.  See where the comparison ends!

Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom, an online typing program designed by educators!

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