Dyslexia and Keyboarding

Stefan is an incredible 12 year old who’s intellect far surpasses his age. He has dyslexia BUT when he learned to type at a computer keyboard using Keyboard Classroom, he found his learning disorder went away. He no longer mixed up his B’s and D’s and P’s and Q’s. The keyboard wouldn’t let him. His Mom says it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and that once he receives an AlphaSmart for note taking in school, he’ll have no problems keeping up with his classmates.

Richard Wanderman is an adult with Dyslexia who has helped himself and others by using the computer instead of a pen or pencil. He tours the country explaining why it works. “Writing with pen and ink is like sculpting stone: mistakes are costly, and that knowledge feeds back into the composition process. Writing with a computer is like sculpting clay: mistakes are fixable at any time, and that knowledge feeds back into the composition process.”

I couldn’t say it any better. To learn more, visit his web site at http://www.ldresources.org/?p=172

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