Does this sound like a conversation around your home?

                    “Why does it take him so long to complete his work?”

                               “She’s not writing in complete sentences.”

            “Our kids seem to get so frustrated with simple assignments.”


Listen to what parents are saying after teaching their children to type using Keyboard Classroom.

“Within 4 months she had finished the typing program and was now a proficient typist! Now when she has to write papers or use the computer, her fingers fly through the keys   while keeping up with her thoughts!”

“A child who struggles with handwriting will greatly benefit from having keyboarding     skills. The new must-have skill is typing. “

“For my son, it provided a way to move him from the PRISON of the pencil to the     freedom and flow of the keyboard.”

Keyboard Classroom is the most efficient learn-to-type program in America.  

Practicing just 15 minutes a day, students are guided through the program, prevented from advancing too quickly until they demonstrate proficiency at each level of learning.  Our exclusive Finger Guides attach to most keyboards and keep their fingers in proper typing position.

Visit us at and see for yourself why teaching your child to type might be one of the most important lessons they’ll ever learn.

Single User Program is only $19.95 and be can used over and over again!

Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom, a typing program developed by educators for ALL students.  To contact her please email

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  1. Carrie Shaw says:

    This program can used by any age group. We keep track of their progress by ranks. When they finish a skill they earn a rank. Once they achieve General on all the lessons then they have learned all the keys/stretches.

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