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What are Finger Guides, you ask?

Sometimes the best inventions are the most simple and straightforward.  Teaching a student how to type, teaching anyone how to type, can be only as effective as their motivation! Keyboard Classroom has developed a unique product called Finger Guides. These Guides attach to a standard computer keyboard with velcro pads and guide a student’s fingers to the correct keys, allowing them to learn touch-typing without incorrect, error-prone moves. Learners want to look at their fingers.  It’s only natural and in our case, it’s OK at first.  But we wanted a way to insure that they would also use the proper finger placement and not resort to hunting and pecking with their index fingers. So we invented these simple plastic Finger Guides.  You attach them to a typical keyboard, placing them diagonally between the “W” and the “E” on the left … Read More

Why Johnny Can’t Type?

WHY JOHNNY CAN’T TYPE… “Johnny” from Massachusetts was your typical homeschooled 10 year old.  The oldest of four, his mother “Susan” had carefully constructed his program of study from the time he was just a toddler. She attended conventions throughout the northeast, and spent a small fortune on curriculum, books, and games, that would give Johnny the skills he would need to lead a successful life as he got older. Early on, Susan recognized the importance of the computer to her son’s education and development and tried to incorporate the latest electronic software into his homeschool day. There was only one problem. Johnny didn’t know how to type. So, Susan went out and bought a popular learn-to-type software program. It was filled with fun exercises, flashing lights, sound effects, and typing games, and Johnny was able to advance at his … Read More

Keyboard Classroom is ready for you!

Keyboard Classroom teaches typing skills in fast in one-minute sprints, quickly developing speed and accuracy. As I said in my previous post, when a child with a learning disability like Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome or other forms of Autism, can type fast without thinking about where their fingers are, they can concentrate on the words they will use to express their thoughts. It’s a life-long learning skill. There are five fluencies in the Keyboard Classroom learning system. Each is designed for students to master certain sub-skills before advancing to the next level of difficulty. As they advance, they earn points, “redeemable” for playing a series of games built into the program as incentives. To guarantee success, parents act as coaches, ensuring that children practice their fluencies every day, using our patented finger guides to place their … Read More

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