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Educator designed typing curriculum!

Finally, a typing curriculum developed by educators from a school for learning disabled students in CT.  The Ben Bronz Academy knew how important it was to teach their students how to type BUT all the programs out there had too much flash, noise and distractions to actually teach the keyboarding skills.  So the educators got together and realizing that repetition and “muscle building memory” lessons was what they needed; they designed Keyboard Classroom!  Fluency, Incentives and our exclusive Finger Guides have helped students of all abilities learn to type. Read what the Super Kids Educational Software Review says about Keyboard Classroom: This curriculum is currently being used in schools or at home….it has been tremendously successful in the schools that have switched to this program! Please go to to find out more!  

Special Keyboarding Program for the Learning Disabled

Keyboard Classrom is a unique typing program designed by educators who studied the way children learn. Keyboard Classroom is systematically designed so a child must truly master a skill before advancing to a more challenging one. This typing program uses exclusive Keyboard Classroom Finger Guides. These attach to the keyboard to keep the student’s hands on the home row which keeps the child focused and less frustrated. Keyboard Classroom uses incentives and ranks to applaud the child for his progress. This combination works for all children, even those having trouble in school, or students with special education needs or learning disabilities. WATCH this video for a demonstration and testimonial of this typing program.

Remedial classes in College!

I read a statistic in my local paper the other day that really ticked me off.  We have a dozen community colleges in our state, educating nearly 60 thousand students.  But according to the study I read, 7 out of 10 take at least one remedial class in math, reading, or writing.  70%!  We can argue the merits of offering remedial classes to college students but isn’t about time we stop looking for Band-Aids and start finding a cure for the disease?  Education by its very definition is about preparation.  It’s about refining skills and challenging young people to identify their interests, and providing them with the tools they need to realize their potential.  Scream about cuts to public school budgets, understaffing, and lack of resources all you want, but basic skills, are just that, basic.  And our public high … Read More

Here Come the Calls

Well, it’s been 1 month and 3 weeks since school has started.  Then it hits….the emails start and the phone rings.  Here is what I hear from parents. “My kid takes forever to do his homework.  It is causing so much tension!” “HE gets so frustrated when he has to write an essay or do anything on the computer.” “I am so tired staying up until 1:00am typing his homework!” I am sure it sounds familiar to some of you. I have been working with a unique typing program called Keyboard Classroom that will end this nightmare for both the kids and for you. Computers are a way of life!  Just look at what Steve Jobs has done in his short career!  Keyboarding is a fundamental skill in today’s society. It provides our connection with the rest of the world … Read More


While shopping the other day I noticed something happening over and over again.  As I was at the checkout counter I noticed how the sales associates typed.  Some were hunting and pecking….and taking forever to get the basic information into the machine.  Others were fast and smooth!  I decided to mention to each associate that I teach typing.  Well the responses were interesting.  Those that hunt and peck said they always wanted to learn typing but never did in school.  They said it’s a skill they use everyday and were surprised that they weren’t taught in school.  The proficient typist said they took one class in high school and were thankful they could always depend on it! Which is exactly why I market Keyboard Classroom….we went back to the basics while developing this curriculum.  We saw the typing programs on … Read More

Attention Schools:

When we launched Keyboard Classroom nearly four years ago, it was after testing the product in a classroom environment for over a decade.  Parents of children with and without learning disabilities embraced it as a way to complement what their children were doing in school.  Now it appears, educators have caught the KC bug as well. A three year old school in North Carolina recently created a new typing curriculum completely around Keyboard Classroom.  The school, built on a philosophy of inclusion, brings children with special needs, children with average abilities, and children who are academically gifted, together in a friendly and charitable environment. One of the school’s teachers wrote to us.  “I was drawn to your program because of its specialization for helping children with special needs.  Besides autism, we also have children with ADD and serious handwriting difficulties.  There are other … Read More

Would You Give A Child A Book And Never Teach Them To Read?

I ask myself this question every time I see a young person sitting in front of a keyboard. I’m not talking about an i-Pad or a cell phone where their thumbs do their talking, but an honest to goodness computer keyboard. It’s what they’ll use to do their homework, fill out those college applications, and most likely, make their living in the real world. I stand over their shoulder and watch… and shudder. More than 75% of our children can’t type. Oh, they can hunt and peck, and some of them are pretty fast. But put a book or a pile of notes next to the computer, ask them to type without looking at the keys, and they’ll crumble like a wounded video game character. So I ask the question again…. If you wouldn’t give a child a book without … Read More

Another Success Story…..

Eric from South Carolina was much like any other 6th grader with learning challenges.  His mother has been trying to teach him to type for more than three years now but nothing has worked.  Eric has ADHD and has serious trouble physically writing as well as organizing his thoughts. His Mom was hoping to free him from the physical task of writing by having the typing become automatic. Eric started using Keyboard Classroom two months ago and the results have been remarkable.  “It really helps me type because I can go at my own pace and it’s more interesting than other programs and I don’t get bored,” he says. “I like that it doesn’t show me how fast I am, because that would put me under pressure. But I can tell I’m getting better.” Eric’s 3rd grade sister doesn’t have the … Read More

Looking Forward to Another HomeSchool Convention Year!

Summer is on the downswing and I am gearing up towards another great school year.  My experiences at the HomeSchool Conventions this past year rejuvenated me!  We  received the warmest of welcomes. While Keyboard Classroom was designed for children to learn typing in a home environment, we’ve always said that the key to long term success is the involvement of a parent.  Mom or Dad should act as a coach, insuring proper finger placement and practice at first, then encouraging success as the child advances.  HomeSchool parents do this anyway. At these conventions, I repeatedly demonstrated the software, using dozens of children who had either never typed before, or who had long ago given up on the more “popular” learn to type programs on the market.  Without exception, they took to Keyboard Classroom immediately, passing levels and having their fingers … Read More

Can you spare 15 minutes?

A recent survey of Keyboard Classroom users showed a certain percentage of students practicing just five minutes a day.  Like anything else, just a little more time would make a world of difference.  Our studies show that fifteen minutes a day is the optimal practice time.  A few minutes in the morning and then an equal amount of time at night begins to create the muscle memory necessary to show marked improvement.  Fifteen minutes a day for six months can result in typing proficiency of 35 words per minute.   Encourage your child to work just a little longer and they’ll take pride in their results.