Another Success Story…..

Eric from South Carolina was much like any other 6th grader with learning challenges.  His mother has been trying to teach him to type for more than three years now but nothing has worked.  Eric has ADHD and has serious trouble physically writing as well as organizing his thoughts. His Mom was hoping to free him from the physical task of writing by having the typing become automatic.

Eric started using Keyboard Classroom two months ago and the results have been remarkable.  “It really helps me type because I can go at my own pace and it’s more interesting than other programs and I don’t get bored,” he says. “I like that it doesn’t show me how fast I am, because that would put me under pressure. But I can tell I’m getting better.”

Eric’s 3rd grade sister doesn’t have the same learning issues as her brother but Mom says she’s become “jealous” of her older brother and wants to start typing herself.  The family recently upgraded to a dual user license so they can both practice at the same time.

“I now realize how obsolete the pencil is in this computer age society.  I am glad my kids have the skills to express themselves through technology whether they are in school or at their job”…..

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