An Offer to Tutoring Centers

I have been working with learning centers throughout the United States and Canada and would like to update you on my Affiliate Program partnership with these Centers.
Teaching students how to type is fast moving up to the top of the ‘Most Important Skill to Teach” list!
I know most tutoring centers don’t offer this skill because of the time constraint with their student’s schedule.

I have a solution for this!  Keyboard Classroom, developed by educators, is the only typing program that guarantees that a student who practices typing for 15 minutes a day will become a proficient typist within 6 months!

My idea is to refer Keyboard Classroom to your clients to practice at home.  I have an Affiliate Program where your Center can earn a 40% commission on each sale!

This is a win-win for all!

Here is the Affiliate Link:

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on this!

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