A Simple Solution for a Struggling Student!

Yesterday I visited a friend whose child just started 4th grade. He was at the kitchen table doing his ‘homework’. The assignment was to write about his summer vacation. The first thing I noticed was the look on his face as he contorted it in frustration. I Frustrated-boy-breaking-pencilwondered where this struggle was coming from so I watched him…There it was! The dreaded “pencil syndrome!” He was gripping the pencil in an unusual way and had a hard time forming the letters. His eraser was getting a good workout! He was fumbling, stumbling and bumbling his way through the paper. Of course, the meltdown came half way through the paper and the mom started finishing it for him!!!
Unfortunately, this is NOT an uncommon occurrence! There are many different motor skills that go into writing. Writing is an important skill to learn but if it stops the student from learning than you need to look for alternatives.
Learning how to type is one simple intervention. I have been working with students for the past 16 years teaching them how to type. I have seen amazing results once a student learns this skill. The typing program I use is called Keyboard Classroom.
To learn more about this simple, inexpensive solution go to www.KeyboardClassroom.com

 Carrie Shaw is President of Keyboard Classroom.  She can be reached at carrie@keyboardclassroom.com


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